Memory Bears [made to order]

Memory Bears [made to order]

These bears are made from a loved one clothes.   It could be clothes from a child that has grown up or it could be clothes from a loved one that has passed away. This is a beautiful way of keeping their memory alive. There is no limit to what can be used.

Bears/rabbits are made by PAWLEY MADE, every one comes with a leather tag and a key.  Ashes can also be put inside. (these come with a red leather tag saying they contain ashes)

Fur coats, jumpers, socks, jeans, shirts, pjs, skirts, beanies, blankets and so much more.

There are 2 types of bears that can be made. 1. not recommended for children, these are jointed and have German glass eyes and 2. child friendly bears these are non jointed and use safety eyes. (These can be dressed)

MADE TO ORDER    please feel free to contact me on 0408522677,  Facebook or on here to get a quote.